Monday, 9 May 2011

Drunken to Love you - Episode 1

Episode 1 opens with a cool song. I remembered Ibiza - Vengaboys album when i listened to this song :)
Rainie looks so cute with her short hair cut :)

Theme song: Bu An Pei Li Chu Pei (不按牌理出牌) by Magic Power

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Lin Xiao Ru(Rainie) stares at the wedding ring at a store talks to herself like if her boyfriend proposes to her with this ring, she would marry him immediately. She suddenly gets a call from her friend from her workplace. her friend tells her that her manager is angry with her and if she is late then he wont accept Lin Xiao Ru's vacation leave. :)

Lin Xiao Ru tells her friend to tell her manager that she quits and she doesnt need his meager salary anymore... lol. And for this leave she has been working for 3 1/2 months without any break and this vacation means a lot to her, she want to get married and become housewife.. (Cho Chweet :). Her friend asks her whether Yi Xiang(Kingone wang) has proposed to her.But Xiao Ru replies 'No. Not yet'. she tells her friend not to say anything to the manager and she will be there soon and cuts the call. There she walks happily. :)

Now the next scene switches to Yi Xiang(Kingone wang). He s an air pilot. He s soo cool riding the plane. He see his photo along with Xiao Ru and smiles at it. His co pilot asks the reason for his smile :) He tells him like he s planning to take 2 weeks break and spend his vacation at Vegas. His friend jokingly tells him not to impulsively get married at vegas as the pilot's home is always on the air. Yi Xiang replies even if their home is at the air, they need to land at one point of time :) and they land their plane. :) he heads to Farglory Hotel.

Next character introduction switches to Ai Wei(Tiffany Xu). She s a model for Monte Blanc. She walks on the ramp at the same hotel Farglory and she get interviewed in the middle by the press reporters.. Aaghhh.. It seems this will be her last ramp walk and she s gonna act as the leading lady in a movie henceforth. One of the reporters asks her a funny question whether she s gonna act nude in the love scenes in the movie. She gets irritated but she professionally replies like she ll do her best to deal with it :) The reporter is very happy that he pulled out words from her mouth like she s gonna act nude and he keeps on asking silly questions.[Poor tiffany :'( ]

He asks her whether she ll also give her career if ends up getting married like how the actress who was cast in this film previously has done. She stumbles upon this questions but she answers him that she s waiting for her prince charming to come and propose to her. :) From a distance, Song Jie Xiu(Joseph Chang) watches her interview and he gets a call from his collegue that his client is been waiting for him and she wants him to be there in 3 mins. He replies him that he ll be back and cuts the call.

He meets his client (Ms.Shen) and tells her that he s the designer in charge. She starts to blush and starts to sweet talk him. She is very impressed about how Song predicted her character of being lonely, wants to spend time with her friends and designed her home based on that. His collegue keeps on watching the time. and he tells that he has to leave for some important meeting. She s very happy to see him leave so that she can spend time with Song.  She asks Song whether she can be her friend. He tells her that even if he s willing, her husband(pointing out the ring in her finger) wouldnt like that. She s shocked and tells him that the ring isn't important and it was given to her by her friend and she tries to takes it off. When she applies too much pressure, the ring comes out falls on the floor.

Here comes our heroine Xiao Ru who works in the same hotel with tea cup in her hand accidentally slips over the ring and oops. The tea cups fall over Song. ha ha.. this scene is pretty hilarious. I don want to explain it in detail. U would enjoy when u see it :D Song is embarassed to the core and Xiao Ru pleads Song not to complaint about her as her job means lot to her :) He suddenly gets a message from Ai wei to meet her at some hotel room 612. He tells Xiao Ru that he can take care of it and tells Ms.Shen that he ll arrange Tony to meet her tomorrow and he leaves the place as soon as he can. :D

Xiao Ru asks sorry to ms Shen and gets her ring back and asks her what she wants to eat. But she replies like whatever she wanted to eat was eaten by Xiao Ru :D I hope she doesn't mean anything here. :D So now the focus is on Xiao ru. She works in a hotel as waitress. She takes up room service duty for room 612 as the lady incharge has some stomach problems.

At room 612, Song meets up with Ai wei. Ai wei tells him that she s pregnant(OMG) and tells Song to take responsibility. He tells to abort the child (OMG OMG)... I was pretty shocked seeing that scene.. but it all ends up as they do practice session for Ai Wei's movie. They do romances and do lover talk :)

Xiao Ru rings the room bell for room service and Song comes out to open the door. Xiao Ru meanwhile sees a photographer meddling the hallway

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